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Anyone who knows me, knows I try to keep it real. The good, bad and the ugly. So it occurred to me tonight to share something with those recently engaged along with my newlyweds, a little about my marriage, nine years in the making. For those of you who don’t know our story, Steve and […]

I’m 36. Actually I turned 36 two days ago but who’s counting. For most people 36 is just a random age, a non-important birthday. But for me, this birthday was important, actually more important that I realized it would. See, last year as I turned 35, which is a somewhat a milestone of sorts, I […]

“Oh! She’s a feisty one!” These were the first words spoken about our baby girl as she entered the world. And since she was three months early and a whopping 2lbs 8oz, her loud cry and those five words were music to our ears. And eight years later, those words still ring true! This year […]

If I’m completely honest, which I will be, I didn’t want to go. I had a million things on my to-do list, like responding to emails, editing images, finishing my new website, launching my first workshop. And that doesn’t include the everyday stuff like the never-ending piles of laundry, dishes (that won’t seem to do […]

Today I turn 35. A few weeks ago I decided that I had two choices. I could crawl under my blankets and wish it all away, or I could celebrate that I’ve been given 35 years of love, laughter, happy tears, sad tears, struggles and success. So often as we (I’m talking to you ladies) […]

Now Steve, this letter is going to embarrass you, but I only get to brag every so often… It’s less than an hour before your birthday is officially over, and I’m sitting here on our couch, surrounded by snoring dogs, and a sleeping angel upstairs in our bed. She doesn’t think I heard her tip […]



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