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Showing Up

Normally, I would only post the pic of Chloe because she’s the cutest thing ever, but as a photographer, I’m learning to take the advice I give others and tell myself that what makes images special is that the moment happened. The pictures with me are imperfect, with my coaches jersey two sizes too big, cheesy smile, hiding how exhausted I was from the busiest wedding season of my career, and sockless, yes I said sockless, because some days I’m a hot mess…but I showed up.

I showed up to every practice and every game I could, even the ones where I ran home to change to go shoot an 8 hour wedding immediately afterward. Our insecurities as moms and women can cause us to hide away, and in the end what do we have to show that we were present, loved and were loved? So, here’s my imperfect pictures from this soccer season. I’m proud that I showed up, coached beside my husband, strengthened (and challenged, I’m not gonna lie, mostly challenged) our marriage, loved those kids, and pushed them to try their hardest, even on days where all I wanted was to quit myself.

I don’t know if our careers will allow us to coach again, but this past season was the best yet, moulding me through all of it’s difficulties, beautiful in all of it’s imperfection. A great friend of mine, Jordan, gave me wonderful advice three seasons ago, when I asked for tips on being a good coach before our first season. “Just love and encourage the socks off those kids! The kids will have fun and the parents will love you for loving their kiddos. So, simple as it may sounds, that’s my very best advice.” He was so right! I wasn’t always organized, and sometimes ‘Coach Ryan’ got a little whistle crazy when at times 13 six and seven year olds were running circles around me instead of listening, especially when Coach Steve’s work schedule changed, halfway through the season, unfortunately leaving me on my own for practice. But then I’d remember what Jordan said, or on the days he could make it, I’d look over and see Coach Steve running around playing keep away with them, training them without them even knowing it, and I would remember why we were there, what we wanted to do. Touch lives. Have fun. Live in the moment.

We might not have won all the games, but watching the progress, abilities and spirits of the kiddos we coached grow, filled my heart. I just about cried when they ran up to me last weekend when I had to say goodbye to everyone in the middle of a tournament, to shoot an amazing wedding. We had just lost the first game, but they were happy and carefree as could be, because being six and seven, they don’t take anything too seriously, but boy do they love unconditionally. I have learned that there’s not much you can’t do with love, a wonderful husband (who was conveniently absent on picture day lol) and lots of wine…yep, definitely wine. But most importantly, love.

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Every detail of their wedding was soft and romantic, from the soft and airy peach and patina color pallet, to the vintage and personal touches at every turn, their day was as beautiful as Aimee, Erik, and their love.

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