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If I’m completely honest, which I will be, I didn’t want to go. I had a million things on my to-do list, like responding to emails, editing images, finishing my new website, launching my first workshop. And that doesn’t include the everyday stuff like the never-ending piles of laundry, dishes (that won’t seem to do […]

There’s nothing more precious to me than the opportunity to witness and capture a couple so smitten with one another that when they’re in each other’s presence, it’s as if no one, not another single soul or heart, exists in the world. Sam and Andrew’s love was so captivating and such a reminder of what […]

Not too many fathers can say that they were there the minute their daughter laid eyes on the man that would hopelessly sweep her off her feet and become her husband. But Katie’s dad was with her as they toured Iowa State University, deciding which school she would inevitably end up attending on a track and […]

When Jessey and John decided on a venue to exchange their vows, Gainey Ranch Golf Club was the perfect fit, not only because of it’s beautiful location and mountain views, but because John is a huge golfer (he went to college on a golf scholarship!) and so is his grandfather and Jessey’s father. The personal […]

Amelia and Faisal’s Blackstone Country Club wedding was an event to remember! After their amazing engagement session in Sedona, I knew that their wedding was going to be incredible. Not only were these two joining their lives together, but they were also bringing together their two cultures. With Amela originally from Serbia and Faisal from Afghanistan, […]

Julia and Matt’s wedding was incredible. The sun shone through the trees at The Farm at South Mountain, draping them in golden light as they shared an intimate moment, seeing each other before the ceremony. Matt has this amazing sense of humor that causes Julia to laugh such a beautiful and genuine laugh as soon as she’s […]



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