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Momtog Business Intensive Workshop

Hi there, I’ve got a few questions for you today… I promise you can simply nod your head “yes” or “no!” Better yet, just answer in your head in case anyone is watching and will think you’re crazy.

1.) Are you a momma who feels overworked or overwhelmed at running a photography business?
2.) Is your to-do list only seeming to get longer, yet the days shorter, and you feel like you’re drowning in tasks?
3.) Do you feel like you might have to choose between being a mom and being a business owner?

If you’ve said, “YES!” to any of those questions, you my love have been on my heart. As a mom myself, I realized months ago that there wasn’t a voice shouting from the mountains, encouraging other moms, showing them the in’s and out’s of how to juggle the day to day of being a mom and owning a photography business. So, after mentoring momtog after momtog individually, I decided that a workshop might be just what some of you might need! So, I’m happy to announce to you first, that I’ve created the Momtog Business Intensive to help you out! I just hit publish on the site with info all about it and I think it might be just the thing to help you get to exactly where you want to go! Trust me, feeling stuck and overwhelmed isn’t fun for anyone! So, if you’re looking for advice on how to:

-Streamline your workflow
-Set and accomplishable goals
-Manage money better
-Outsource your problems
-Engage your clients for an ideal experience
-Re-imagine and define “success”

Then you’re my jam! You’re the Allie to my Noah and “if you’re a bird, I’m a bird,” smack dab in the middle of a torrential rainfall. If you’re really ready to take a leap of faith and start moving towards being a #momboss who is in love with her family AND in charge of her business, then come take a look!

Trust me, I understand where you’re at right now. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that I was sitting right where you are, questioning everything (and convincing myself that I was totally alone!). I promise you aren’t, and there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to take chase it!

Have a wonderful day my friend!


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Every detail of their wedding was soft and romantic, from the soft and airy peach and patina color pallet, to the vintage and personal touches at every turn, their day was as beautiful as Aimee, Erik, and their love.

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